Welcome to Windham Connecticut Cemeteries

Welcome to Windham, CT!  This site is dedicated to exploring the history of Windham and its city-borough of Willimantic by way of  its cemeteries.  It examines the town’s past, its people, the gravestones and the stories they tell.  Begin your walk though history right here in Windham!


The Windham Connecticut Cemeteries website is an independent project and has no affiliation to the Town of Windham, CT nor any Windham-based historic organization.  It is strictly done as a volunteer effort.  Information presented on this website has been checked to the best of abilities, but please be aware that some misinformation, whether it is from other sources or by the volunteer, may be unintentionally present.  Always check your sources!

One last thing, PLEASE respect the graves and burial grounds visited and do not trespass where noted.

Comments, corrections, and additional information can be sent to: windhamctcemeteries [at] gmail [dot] com